Alina & Johannes

There are certain moments in life when situations or people can influence your way of looking at or doing things; you can change something you do just because “that’s what people do” into something you do for your other self.


Last night I came back from the second edition of Weddcamp Romania, a place where, besides extraordinary speakers, I’ve reunited with old and dear friends, whom I don’t have the chance to see almost at all during the year, even though we live in the same grey city. I have always admired those who travel, who leave everything behind and go to see the world, I miss wondering without any pre-established itinerary and come back tired but “rich.” Alina and Johannes called their blog: “Wherever we are in this world“, you can watch their adventures and I promise you there’s a lot to see and visualize :); until then, their adventure in Bucharest can be seen below.


You can never turn back the time, memories will fade as years go by, we will grow old and senile :D, but when we look at the adventures of our lives through the photos, I’m sure we will smile and be happy.

Alina, Johannes, may you have beautiful adventures together ahead, you deserve it.


With love,


Ps: At this at this photo shoot I was helped by Alex  who proved to be very helpful, Alex thank you very much!

Alina & Johannes 0006 copy Alina & Johannes 0009 copyAlina & Johannes 0038 copyAlina & Johannes 0127 copyAlina & Johannes 0053 copyAlina & Johannes 0140 copyAlina & Johannes 0134 copyAlina & Johannes 0089 copyAlina & Johannes 0095 copyAlina & Johannes 0116 copyAlina & Johannes 0157 copyAlina & Johannes 0153 copyAlina & Johannes 0162 copyAlina & Johannes 0164 copyAlina & Johannes 0179 copy

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