Eveline & Horia

“Un moment in care sotului ii dau lacrimile cand te vede pentru prima data in ziua nuntii…
Un moment in care mama incearca sa-ti potoleasca emotiile…
Un moment in care bunicul te ia in brate…
Un moment in care prietenei tale din copilarie ii tremura mainile incercand sa-ti inchida rochia…
Un moment in care iti vine sa urlii de fericire si totul se citeste pe fata ta …
Si cate si mai cate .
Ma gandeam : “-Doamne, daca as avea o poza in clipa asta … ca sa-mi pot aminti mereu “ . Ei da … Stefan era deja acolo . Fara sa-l simt, fara sa-i spun sau sa-mi spuna ceva .
Daca vreti “ altceva “ , daca vreti un om care simte , daca vreti ca pozele sa va readuca emotia traita , atunci el este . Stefan .
Multumim , Stefan ! You’re the best! Big hugs ! “

Monica & Stefan

” In timpul pregatirilor pentru nunta o prietena mi-a trimis niste poze ca sa vad un model de rochie de mireasa si reactia mea a fost “cine a fost fotograful?” Asa l-am cunoscut pe Stefan. Pozele au vorbit de la sine si nu am avut nevoie de alte recomandari pentru a ne da seama ca este persoana potrivita. Am stiut si am avut incredere din primul moment ca el va reusi sa surprinda fiecare emotie a nuntii noastra.
Stefan are o viziune artistica si este un fotograf talentat si pasionat de fotografie. Reuseste sa surprinda emotii si sentimente care greu pot fi redate.

Multumim Stefan pentru ceea ce faci dar mai ales pentru ceea ce esti. Un profesionist, creativ si dedicat, rabdator si perfectionist, funny si prietenos. Recomand cu caldura acest om minunant care “scrie”povesti prin fotografii. “

Gabriela & Sorin

“In primul rand, vreau sa incep cu un maaare MULTUMESC pentru Stefan. Suntem extrem de norocosi ca l-am avut ca fotograf de nunta. Desi am avut o comunicare la distanta, el a inteles din prima clipa care sunt cerintele noastre si ne-am lasat cu incredere pe mana lui. De aceea, in ziua nuntii nu am avut stresul de necunoscut, nu mi-am pus intrebari de genul: “Oare cum va fi colaborarea noastra?”, etc, iar fotografiile noastre sunt superbe!
Recomand viitorilor miri sa se lase pe mana lui Stefan. Alegand servicii de calitate, mirii isi pot concentra atentia spre alte lucruri, lasandu-l pe Stefan sa isi faca meseria, pentru ca o face foarte bine!  “


Viviana & Andrei

“Working with Stefan is an absolutely amazing experience. He has a very unobtrusive way of just being there and capturing the moments as they happen. He does not contrive things or put people into specific poses just for the sake of it. He allows the events to unfold, and then with utmost care and presence of mind and spirit captures the shots that express the core of what is happening, of what people are feeling.
To work with him, I would suggest that the most important thing is trust: trust in his ability, trust in his amazing eye and ability to see things, to feel things. And believe us, your trust will not be misplaced. We were completely blown away by the pictures he took, and, with some of them, even moved to tears.

Definitely the best experience we ever had with a photographer! Thank you Stefan!


Anca & Mircea

Photography Testimonials from wedding client

“If you are looking for a wedding photographer – well, search no further than Stefan!
He is able to transpose any moment/ event/ place into your most beautiful memory to revise later on – photos which are dynamic, and personal. The pictures reflect the authenticity of the feelings. We really felt that Stefan was trying to understand us as a couple and to make the pictures reflect our style and personality.
From the very beginning, he tried to know us better, to answer our questions, provide guidance and most importantly to make us feel comfortable in front of the lens. We consider ourselves lucky having Stefan by our side and we cannot recommend him enough.
Wonderful energy!! A big thank you”


Ioana & Emi

Photography Testimonials for awarded photography

” We worked with Stefan for our wedding and we discovered a remarkable person. He is definetly a professional, he guided us and made us feel comfortable with the camera throughout the entire wedding, and he ended up being “one of ours”. Stefan manages both the color and the shape in a perfect way, being able to capture exactly what we wanted: our personalities, in a natural and beautiful way. We recommend Stefan with great confidence and pleasure! “


Lavinia & Adrian

Photography Testimonials from Lavinia and Adrian

” We’ve met Stefan after we found him on Fearless. He was also recommended to us by our dj. It was probably the way things had to happen, because us working together was a great experience! Our wedding pictures are very spontaneous and lovely! He really surprised us with the way he pictured the key moments but also beautiful small details of our event.

L-am cunoscut pe Ștefan după ce l-am găsit pe Fearless Photographers. Ne-a fost de asemenea recomandat de dj-ul evenimentului nostru. Probabil așa trebuiau să se întâmple lucrurile. Colaborarea noastră a fost o experiență reușită! Fotografiile de la nunta noastră sunt foarte spontane și frumoase! Ștefan a reușit să ne surprindă cu felul în care a imortalizat momentele cheie, dar și mici și frumoase detalii ale evenimentului nostru. “


Madalina & Bogdan

Photography Testimonials from Madalina and Bogdan Bucharest

” Choosing Stefan as our wedding photographer, was one of the best decisions that we made in organizing our event. He is fun and he knows how to calm you down so that the photos end up really great. From now on, when I’ll hear somebody in need of a photographer, I will always recomand Stefan Droasca. The fact that we remained friends after the wedding, I think it says all about its professionalism. “


Dana & Erdinc

Photography Testimonials Bucharest

” It was awesome!! Stefan had been recommended to us as being a professional and our wedding pics duly prove it. There was no need for too much talking with him prior or even during the event (we just told him shortly about us and our story), his only request was us to focus on us and our wedding, as he’ll be around catching the nicest moments. And we followed his advice, and eventually we got a great wedding album, admired by everybody!  
Thanks Stefan for this experience, we loved working with you! “


Georgiana & Luca

After Wedding Photography Testimonials Bucharest

 ” Stefan was our wedding photographer and he did a great job! The pictures were amazing and appreciated by everyone who saw them, and we also had a lot of fun together and enjoyed his company. My husband hates being photographed, but the after wedding photo shoot session was so natural that even he enjoyed it this time! Stefan’s style leans towards photo-reportage, therefore the pictures are quite natural and dynamic. I fully recommend him!  “


Cristina & Martin

Wedding Photography Testimonial

” We are very glad that we had the chance to work with Stefan for our wedding! It was a unique experience, it was very pleasant to have a photo session with him. He is professional, very nice and open and we really enjoyed the time together. We were impressed by the result the photos are beautiful and really touching, He managed to catch unique moments in an artistic way. We very happily recommend him for any occasion! “


Diana & Gabriel

Wedding Photography Testimonial Diana & Gabriel

” It was a real pleasure to work with Ștefan on my weding day. He has proven to be extremely professional and very dedicated to his work, using different techniques to bust the impact of his photos. I highly appreciated the way în which he managed to motivate us to continue to pose, although we were tired, as it had been a busy day. I very much enjoyed the instantaneus pictures that he took during the party and at the photo shooting. We had a very good time together and communication and understanding between us were excellent. The leader time for delivering the photos was good, and exceeded our expectations. But what we really enjoyed the most was the high quality of the images and the way he managed to surprise happiness and all other emotions in the photos that he took. Thank you Ștefan for capturing so properly and passionatly the happiest moment of my life! “


Alina & Johannes

Alina & Johannes 0175 copy

” Stefan is an amazing photographer! We got the chance to work with him for our orthodox wedding as well as for a couple shooting and the pictures were magnificent. We chose his service from abroad as we live in a different country than Romania but despite the distance, we grew fond of him because of his professional but also lovely nature. Not only are his photographs outstanding and nicely retouched, he also managed to capture the special moments and has a very good artistic eye. His pictures are truly one of a kind and having him as our photographer was the best decision we could have made. In comparison to our photographer from our home country (who was also good), his pictures managed to stand out more. We can recommend him and would choose him again for every occasion which could need a photographer. If you are looking for unique pictures with an artistic view, taken by a professional and easygoing photographer,this is the right address. “


Alexandra & Paul

_A4A0170-1 copy

”  Stefan is the kind of photographer that you can rely on for capturing those special moments made up of authentic emotions of genuine people. He spreads positive vibes and confidence and this is so very important for the camera-shy persons. We enjoyed having him around and are happy to have met him. “


Raluca & Flavius 


Flavius + Raluca 2099 copy

” He is a very warm person and a great photographer that knew how to handle a camera shy couple. Patience, attention to details and a lot of passion for his work made for amazing memories that we will cherish forever. Thank you, Stefan. “